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Chinese Art is now a partner with China Highlights, who is has been an online travel agency for 10 years. We believe the best way to understand the essences of arts is to see them by one’s own eyes, and we believe our partner China Highlights can help our visitors to see the most important parts of Chinese arts, such as architecture

Classic China Tours

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Visit classic China by joining in our classic China tour packages. You can visit the most popular tourist destinations included in the tour packages. Wish you enjoy your trip.

China City Tours

Temple of Heaven Beijing
We offer city tours for Beijing, Shanghai and Xian to our customers. City tour packages are the best choices for travelers who want to travel less, but see more attractions.

China Minority Discover Tours

Shangri-la Yunnan
There are over 50 ethnic groups living in China. Their lives are very different from Han people. You can see their interesting daily life by join our China Minorities Discover Tours.

Yangtze River Cruise Tours

Three Gorges on Yangtze River China
Originated on Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, Yangtze River is the cradle of Chinese culture. For thousands of years, thousands of stories are being handed down. Cruising on Yangtze River, Cruising among stories!