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Zhang Xian's Ten Odes: Counterpoint Table of Contents

On the Inauthenticity of Ten Odes by Zhang Xian of the Northern Song Dynasty

Wu Gan
China Central Institute of Fine Arts

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Ten Odes, by Zhang Xian (990-1078) of the Northern Song dynasty, was in the collection of the Qing dynasty (1644-1912) inner court, according to the second edition of the imperial inventory Shiqu baoji (completed 1793) and the Shiqu suibi (Notes on the Shiqu baoji, completed 1793 by Ruan Yuan, 1764-1849). Afterwards, the painting left the palace as one of the items stolen away from the Palace Museum by the last Qing emperor Puyi (1906-1967). In October 1995, The Palace Museum in Beijing bought it back during the autumn sales of the Hanhai Auction Company autumn sales for a price of RMB18 million.

Although the painting comes from the Qing imperial collection and has been vetted as an authentic work of Zhang Xian, this author meticulously examined the entire painting and analyzed it with regard to the textual evidence, and can prove without a doubt that it is spurious. The earliest record of this painting is in the entry for "Master Zhang's Ten Odes," in Qi dong ye yu (Wild Words from East of Qi), by Zhou Mi (1232-1298) of the Southern Song, indicating that he and his father Zhou Jin (or Zhou Mingshu) acquired the painting. This detailed account of possession by the Zhou family is in fact the first reliable documentation of Ten Odes. Furthermore, it provides the foundation upon which to judge the authenticity of the painting.

This author carefully compared this painting with the account in Qi dong ye yu as well as in other documents*, and discovered several careless errors. A brief outline follows:



The ten narrative poems (yong) referred to in the painting and those recorded in Qi dong ye yu diverge in 27 places. Among the poems on the painting, the number of omissions and inaccuracies increases, and there are obvious inconsistencies in the rhymes.

Prefaces and inscriptions

nscriptions by Sun Jue (Southern Song), Chen Zhensun (Northern Song), and Xian Yushu (Yuan) all contain questionable sections. For example, several portions written by Sun and Chen do not correspond to the Qi dong ye yu. In addition, contradictions appear in Chen Zhensun's discussion relating to the period before and after Zhang Xian produced this painting and in Xian Yushu's commenting on his complete ignorance of Zhang Xian's and Xian Yushi's generation and the friendship between the two men, etc.

Collectors' seals

The Song dynasty seal of Jia Sidao is a forgery.


The period style, painting technique, and calligraphy all demonstrate that this painting diverges considerably from the work by the painter Zhang Xian.

*Including the second edition of the Shiqu baoji and Song xue zhai ji (Collected Works from the Pine and Snow Studio, 1991) by Zhao Mengfu (1254-1322), among others.

For another viewpoint, see "Zhang Xian's Ten Odes" in this issue.

Two other articles, "New Discoveries of Calligraphy and Painting. . ." and "Exhibition of Treasures of Painting and Calligraphy Acquired by the Palace Museum over the Last 50 Years," also mention Ten Odes.

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