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On the State of the Field Table of Contents

Select Bibliography on Chinese Painting

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Yin Jinan
China Central Institute of Fine Arts

Nixi Cura

On the State of the Field
Scholarship in the History of Ancient Painting in the 1990s

by Xue Yongnian

Puyi's Legacy
New Discoveries of Calligraphy and Painting from the Palace Museum's "List of Lost Works"
by Liu Jianlong

A Record-Breaking Purchase by the Palace Museum

Zhang Xian's Ten Odes
by Yang Lili

Zhang Xian's Ten Odes: Counterpoint

On the Inauthenticity of Ten Odes by Zhang Xian of the Northern Song Dynasty
by Wu Gan

Select Bibliography on Chinese Painting

Palace Museum Exhibition
"Treasures of Painting and Calligraphy Acquired by the Palace Museum over the Last 50 Years"
by Fu Dongguang

Palace Museum Exhibition
"Grand Exhibition of Cultural Relics Collected over the Last 50 Years"

Palace Museum Symposium
Academic Symposium Accompanying the
"Grand Exhibition of Cultural Relics Collected over the Last 50 Years" at the Palace Museum
by Wang Qi

Shanghai Museum
The Shanghai Museum Holds A Symposium on Its Exhibition of Masterpieces
by Xue Yongnian

Liaoning Provincial Museum
An Assembly of Masterpieces, Presented in Radiant Splendor: Record of the "Exhibition of Treasures from the Ten Great Archaeological Discoveries in Liaoning"
by Ma Cheng


Important Results from the Liao Tomb Excavation at Jarud Qi
by Tala, Yang Jie, and Dong Linxin

Three Eastern Han Tombs with Wall Paintings at Otog
by Wang Dafang and Yang Zemeng

"Appreciation and Analysis of the Murals Unearthed from a Song Tomb at Wang Shang Village in Dengfeng, Henan Province
by Zhang Songlin and Zhang Deshui

"A Breakthrough in the Interpretation of the 'Stone Carvings' at Junshan"
by Chen Xiangyuan

"Notes on the Excavation of Han Tomb No. 1 at Huxi Mountain, Yuanling"
by Guo Weimin

"Animal Designs and Chinese Script on the 'Five Stars of the East Favor the Central Kingdom' Brocade"
by Li Ling

Extracts from China Archaeology and Art Digest 3:2/3 (January 2000): Painting and Pictorial Arts
Ding Xiyuan on Quehua qiuse tu
Hao Junhong on Ma Shouzhen
Shan Guoqiang on "Haipai"
Yu Hui on Yuan court artists

Macao Art Museum
"The Efflorescence of a Prosperous Age: Fine Works of Qing Dynasty Painting and Objects of the Kangxi, Yongzheng, and Qianlong Reigns in the Collection of the Palace Museum"

National Gallery, Washington, DC

"The Golden Age of Chinese Archaeology: Celebrated Discoveries from the People's Republic of China"
by Andrew K. Y. Leung

The Qingming shanghe Scroll and Qingming shanghe Studies
by Wang Qi

On Qingming shanghe Studies
by Nie Chongzheng

Chai Zejun: Collected Works on Ancient Architecture

Fifty Years of Archaeology in New China

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Volume 1, Issue 1
(October 1999)

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