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<font class="Title">China Art ArchiveWarehouse</font >
China Art Archives & Warehouse, Beijing

China Art Archives & Warehouse
former Naac & Red Flag Publications united

Artistic Directors: Ai Weiwei and Hans van Dijk
Gallery manager: Sun Hongbin
Business Director: Frank Uytterhaegen

13.00 - 18.00
Tuesday till Sunday
tel: (+8610) 6760 5364
fax/tel: (+8610) 6760 5642
P.O.Box 4076 Beijing 100001

Ai Weiwei
Gsm: 138 123 7901
Hans van Dijk fax/tel:(+8610) 6592 2196 (H)
Sun Hongbin Bp 6232 8800 c. 51120 Gsm 130 127 7550

China Avant-Garde
China Avant-Garde Art Consultation, New York

Worldwide art advisory service dealing in the acquisition of Important Works of Contemporary Chinese Avant-Garde Paintings and Photographs, and offering personal consultation services to Museums, Galleries and Personal Collectors.

Contact: Mr. Howard Farber
(212) 585-2975 Phone
(212) 879-6372 Fax


( by Artbeatus Gallery(Vancouver and Hong Kong), Zheng Shengtian and Annie Wong team up to publish one of the premier sites focusing on Chinese contemporary art on the web. With the support of the Annie Wong Foundation, Artbeatus represents Huang Yongping, Yang Jiechang, Zhang Peili and other major international artists hailing from China.


( - Ethan Cohen Fine Art Contemporary & Emerging Asian Artists gallery web site. Represented artists include Xu Bing, Gu Wenda, Zhang Hongtu, Wang Yuping, Cai Jin, Ma Desheng, Shen Ling, Xing Fei, Xing Danwen, Liu Xiao Dong, Yu Hong, Ai Wei Wei, Wang Keping, Qiu Deshu, Chen Jialing, Li Quan Wu, Chen Danqing and Yuan Yunsheng.

Chinese Contemporary
Chinese Contemporary Gallery, London
Chinese Contemporary, in London, is the only gallery in the UK devoted exclusively to exhibiting the work of contemporary artists from mainland China. Chinese Contemporary is dedicated to showing work by the young generation of artists and specialises in art from the last ten years, 1989-1999 --oil on canvas, oil on paper, ink on paper and some lithographs and woodcuts. The gallery holds monthly exhibitions of work by these artists. For more information, visit Chinese Contemporary's website at
or Email directly to

( Oil Painting Gallery, founded in 1992 in Hong Kong, is committed to promote Chinese contemporary art and support emerging talents to achieve their deserved status of international recognition.

Courtyard Gallery, Beijing
The Courtyard Gallery is one of the leading private art galleries in China. Situated on the moat of the Forbidden City, at the East Gate, the Courtyard represents many of China's most well known avant-garde artists residing both in China and abroad. Monthly exhibitions with catalogues available. Email us to receive monthly exhbition announcements. See our website for extensive archival information on
artists represented and exhibitions.

Hours: 11:00am-7:00pm, Everyday
The Courtyard Gallery
95 Donghuamen Ave.
Beijing 100006
Tel: (8610)6526 8882
Fax: (8610)6526 8880


( by TZ Hanart Gallery (Hong Kong), the first and largest gallery in the world to focus on contemporary art from the mainland, this site features works by artists from Hong Kong, Taiwan and the Mainland. Here you can browse works by China's top artists.

( Kong's most happening new site brings news of everything from video installations to on-line broadcasts of performance art, all from Hong Kong's art scene.

Red Gate
Red Gate Gallery, Beijing
Published by Red Gate Gallery, this site offers viewers a look at art images by well-established, internationally-acclaimed artists like Su Xinping, Guan Wei and Sui Jianguo, as well as young emerging artists such as Zheng Xuewu, Li Manwen and Chen Qingqing. For over 100 more images, visit Red Gate Gallery's website at:
or email to:

( site published by Hong Kong Art Space's Schoeni Gallery, specializing in contemporary realist paintings from the PRC art. Artists include: Liu Dahong, Wang Yidong, Qi Zhilong, Xia Xing, Yue Minjun.

( by Shanghart, the first contemporary Chinese art gallery in Shanghai, this site focuses on gallery artworks from the Shanghai region, including artwork by this year's winner of the Chinese Contemporary Art Award, Zhou Tiehai.

( Art Gallery represents contemporary Chinese and South East Asian paintings. Artists include: Chen Yi Fei, Wu Guan Zhong, Zhou Si Cong, Wang Huai Qing, Ye Yong Qing, Chen Wen Hsi and more.

( by the Chinese Arts Centre (London), this is the site for the upcoming exhibition, "Representing the People," featuring realist works by Chen Wenbo, Duan Jianwei, Guo Wei, Huang Hancheng, Liu Rentao, Liu Xiaodong, Ma Baozhong, Zhuang Hui, Song Yongping, Wang Jingsong.

( Chinese Woodblock Exhibition at University of Pittsburg

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