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*Gallery/Museum/Event Sites*

( Website of Stir-Fry, a flavorful new Web project documenting a museum curator's month-long voyage through the cultural capitals of China in a search for previously undiscovered new-media art.

( Published by Artbeatus Gallery (Vancouver and Hong Kong), Zheng Shengtian and Annie Wong team up to publish one of the premier sites focusing on Chinese contemporary art on the web.  With the support of the Annie Wong Foundation, Artbeatus represents Huang Yongping, Yang Jiechang, Zhang Peili and other major international artists hailing from China. 

( Ethan Cohen Fine Art - Contemporary & Emerging Asian Artists gallery web site. Represented artists include Xu Bing, Gu Wenda, Zhang Hongtu, Wang Yuping, Cai Jin, Ma Desheng, Shen Ling, Xing Fei, Xing Danwen, Liu Xiao Dong, Yu Hong, Ai Wei Wei, Wang Keping, Qiu Deshu, Chen Jialing, Li Quan Wu, Chen Danqing and Yuan Yunsheng.

( New online gallery published out of Hong Kong. The site boasts hundreds of images of young contemporary artists.

( Comprehensive site encompassing both traditional and contemporary Chinese art. Subscription info also available.

( New website of Emerald Hill Studio in Singapore, the primary aim of which is to educate people about art collection--specifically that of Asian contemporary art. It will be offering works for sale, but not just those by artists represented by the gallery. It will offer a lot of information, including links to other important sites. The site will be affiliating itself with galleries, collectors, artists and dealers to offer their works as well.

( or ( Webpages of the "Global Chinese Art Online Expo," which claims to be the largest online Chinese art exhibition of the 20th century.

( Asia Society has announced an expanded online section on the ground breaking Inside Out exhibition.

( Website of the magazine "Art Asia Pacific." Provides a lot of information about current and past issues, subscription information, as well as a links page.

( Japan brings us a new site (mostly in Chinese), titled Chinese Art Gallery, featuring select artists in Guo Hua, Oil Painting, Performance, Photography, Design, Computer and More. 

( Website of the "Big Torino 2000 International Biennial of Young Creativity." The distinctive feature of this event is that it focuses on the intersection and cohabitation of different disciplines and on the multimedia so widely used by the generations of creative artists. It breaks down into as many as 15 artistic sectors, and provides a unique opportunity for artists from different areas to come together. Big Torino will be a feast of art in all its many expressions. The website includes information on many different aspects of the Biennial, and has a section covering the latest art news (

( Website of Shanghai-based BizArt. BizArt presents all types of artistic media that favour the relationship, the comparison and dialogue of different ways of expression: oil and mixed-media paintings, sculptures, videos, installations, performances and photographs. To ensure quality of the exhibitions and to cover a very dynamic art scene, BizArt collaborates with guest curators and a large group of artists from all over China. In the past few months BizArt has organized very successful exhibitions in Shanghai, involving artists from all over China and including oil and mixed-media on canvas, sculptures and installations.

( China Avant-Garde is an art advisory service specializing in the acquisition of important works of contemporary Chinese Art, providing personal consultation services to museums, galleries, and collectors, worldwide. The site features a curated selection of artists that is updated regularly. Truly one of the premier sites on the web.

( Chinese Contemporary is the only gallery in the UK to focus on the works of contemporary artists from mainland China.  Featured artists: Fang Lijun�s woodcuts, Guo Jin, Li Shan, Pan Ying, Qin Yifeng, Wang Qingsong, Ma Liuming and others.

( offers a comprehensive look at contemporary Chinese art on the web in Chinese. The site is edited by young critic Pi Li

( Excellent image archive of top name artists.

(http://www. Website of the Courtyard Gallery in Beijing. Includes a variety of virtual galleries, information about artists, news and archives. Courtyard artists include: Aniwar / Cai Jin / Chen Wenbo / Chen Wenji / Chen Xuhai / Feng Jiali / Gao Bo / Guo Wei / Hong Hao / Jiang Hai / Ji Dachun / Liu Jianhua / Liu Xiaodong / Liu Ye / Lois Conner / Qiu Zhijie / Wang Jianwei / Xia Xing / Xu Hongmin / Yang Mian / Yu Gao / Zhang Dali / Zhang Lei / Zhan Wang / Zhao Gang / Zhuang Hui and more...

( For a comprehensive look at the works of Beijing-born, New York-based artist Xing Danwen . . . . Wonderfully designed portfolio.

( Lots of images of Chinese artists in all media, along with interviews of top artists, mostly in New York.

( Published out of Japan since early 1997, New China Cybertown, as the site is titled, features Artworks (Images), People (Interviews), Events (Listings) and Columns related to contemporary art.  Featured artists include: Xing Danwen, Rong Rong, Liu Zheng, Feng Jianli, An Hong, as well as interviews with Ma Liuming, Zhang Huan, et al.

( Website of the Galerie Lommel in Leverkusen, Germany. The site is completely in German, but includes information - including several images - regarding the gallery's permanent exhibition of Asian artworks and Chinese inkpaintings.

( Published by TZ Hanart Gallery (Hong Kong), the first and largest gallery in the world to focus on contemporary art from the mainland, this site features works by artists from Hong Kong, Taiwan and the Mainland.  Here you can browse works by China's top artists. 

( the website of the "YOKOHAMA 2001" Triennale, which features 100 artists from around the world, including Cai Guoqiang, Huang Yongping and Zhang Huan.

( Picturing Power: Posters of the Cultural Revolution: The Huntington Archive, Ohio State University, USA Online exhibition features [PRC's] Cultural Revolution posters from the University of Westminster Centre for the Study of Democracy, U.K. -approximately 10% of collection. This traveling exhibition was organized by the Indiana University School of Fine Arts Gallery and East Asian Studies Center in collaboration with the University of Westminster and was shown at The Ohio State University from Oct 6 - Oct 22. 1999. Contains 74 images with didactic text. Includes Chinese characters." [One of the very few web sites which know how to make a sensible use of the html frames, and the perfect use of the online images - ed.] 

( Ohio State University has published complete works (including modern section) of recent Guggenheim exhibition, "China: 5000 Years."

( Louisiana Museum site for "Cities on the Move" exhibition curated by Hans Ulrich Obrist and Hou Hanru.

( Meiping Asian Art Gallery was established in Madrid in 1997. Meiping specializes in fine pieces of ceramic, sculpture, antique furniture and works of art from China. It also offers a selection of antique Tibetan furniture, Buddhist sculptures in bronze and stone from Tibet and India, and carpets from Mongolia, Tibet and Xinjiang. As the only Gallery in Spain specializing in Chinese early ceramic wares, it also offers consultation and authentication services for all types of Asian antiquities.

( Hong Kong's most happening new site brings news of everything from video installations to on-line broadcasts of performance art, all from Hong Kong's art scene.

( Website of "Persimmon: Asian Literature, Arts, and Culture," a new New York based Asian Cultural Magazine. Each issue will include: Contemporary Asian literature in translation (short stories, excerpts from novels, excerpts from memoirs, poetry); Feature articles on both cultural and social issues; Interviews with, and profiles of, prominent Asian writers, artists, and filmmakers, as well as government, business, and educational leaders; Letters from correspondents in Asia, detailing their observations and insights on current events and daily life; Reports from a half-dozen Asian cities outlining the latest in popular culture, including movies, music, fads, fashions, books, magazines, and television shows; Gleanings from both the Asian and Western press of items of interest on a broad range of cultural and social topics; Book & film reviews.

( Published by Red Gate Gallery, this site offers viewers a look at art images by well-established, internationally-acclaimed artists like Su Xinping, Guan Wei and Sui Jianguo, as well as young emerging artists such as Zheng Xuewu, Li Manwen and Chen Qingqing,Sheng Qi, Wang Huaxiang and He Sen. 

( New site published by Hong Kong's Schoeni Gallery, specializing in contemporary realist paintings from the PRC art.  Artists include: Liu Dahong, Wang Yidong, Qi Zhilong, Xia Xing, Yue Minjun.

( Published by Shanghart, the first contemporary Chinese art gallery in Shanghai, this site focuses on gallery artworks from the Shanghai region, including artwork by this year's winner of the Chinese Contemporary Art Award, Zhou Tiehai. 

( Soobin Art Gallery represents contemporary Chinese and South East Asian paintings.  Artists include: Chen Yi Fei, Wu Guan Zhong, Zhou Si Cong, Wang Huai Qing, Ye Yong Qing, Chen Wen Hsi and more.

( The Sky is the Limit Taipei Biennial 2000 site. English and Chinese, includes artists bios, images of works and curators' statements by Manray Hsu and Jerome Sans. Excellant!

( Published by the Chinese Arts Centre (London), this is the site for the exhibition, "Representing the People," which took place in the first half of 1999. It features realist works by Chen Wenbo, Duan Jianwei, Guo Wei, Huang Hancheng, Liu Rentao, Liu Xiaodong, Ma Baozhong, Zhuang Hui, Song Yongping, Wang Jingsong.

( The Virtual China website. Includes numerous articles on Chinese artists, by Alexa Olesen. Also includes a page dedicated to PRC artists in New York (

( Website of Wan Fung Gallery in Beijing, which has a large collection of Chinese fine arts, including both traditional and contemporary chinese art.   

( Comprehensive site on contemporary Chinese art with news, reviews and artist portfolios. Chinese only.

( Shanghai Gallery website. Gallery artists include: Zhou Chunya, Shi Hu, Wang Tiande. Other works by Li Ji and Ai Xuan are also published

( The largest and most comprehensive site on Chinese contemporary art with news, reviews and commentary. Chat section is a buzz with the last hot topics. Unfortunately, only available in Chinese

( Smart Museum virtual tour of Transience: Chinese Experimental Art at the End of the 20th Century.

( - Art Avenue is the name of the site, which indexes top contemporary museums and institutions in Japan.

) is an international specialised web site dedicated to the online presentation, distribution and sale of contemporary art books, catalogues and publications as well as contemporary artists�� books, limited editions, audio and numerical recordings. It is published in French and English.

( Website of New York-based gallery specializing in contemporary art and traditional furniture.


*Review/Reference Sites*

( A review of the Chinese artists and Chinese art at the 1999 Venice Biennale. "Twenty Chinese Artists: At Home and Abroad," by Paris-based critic Fei Dawai, examines some of the generational differences between Chinese artists at the Bienalle, and looks at stylistic differences between those artists based in China and those based abroad. Highlited artists include, among many others, Chen Zhen, Cai Guoqiang, Zhang Peili, Huang Yongping and Ying Bo.

( CNN Visions of China In-Depth Special, Interview with Zhu Qi, editor of "Sculpture Magazine." The interview covers such topics as: the influence of contemporary art on Chinese society, the current political situation for art and artists in China, leading Chinese contemporary artists, and the role of the Internet in Chinese art.

( Chicago Tribune's review of Smart Museum's "Transience: Chinese Experimental Art at the End of the Twentieth Century."

( Chicago Sun Times review of Smart Museum's "Transience: Chinese Experimental Art at the End of the Twentieth Century."

( New York magazine has reviewed the "Inside Out" exhibition. The title of the article is "The Great Mall."

( NY Times follow up article by Holland Cotter on Inside Out: New Chinese Art exhibition.  This article appeared on Sunday, 12 December, as the lead article in Arts & Leisure section of the NY Times.

=50096&adrVer=913821400&ver=cg2.1) Original review of "Inside Out: New Chinese Art" by NY Times' Holland Cotter. 

( Britta Erickson has published comprehensive bibliography of books, magazines (even e-zines - thank you) related to contemporary Chinese art. Truly the most comprehensive bibliography on the web or anywhere for that matter. 

( Excellent online guide to programs, publications, galleries, etc. related to Chinese art, modern and traditional. 

( Website of Xing Danwen, visual aritist, working in photography and new media

*Artist Sites*

( Website of artist Yang Ming. Includes galleries of the artist's works of calligraphy and paintings, curriculum vitae and bibliography.  

( Comprehensive web page on Zhang Hongtu, packed with images and biographical information.

( Feng Mengbo's computer-based work  is now on-line. Check out "Taking Mt. Doom by Strategy" & "My Private Diary."  Also see the new pieces "Q3:"

( Website featuring works of woman installation and perfromance artist, Peng Yu.

( ) Fine art photo gallery showcasing works by Beijing Photographer Quentin Hsieh.

( Website featuring works of installation and > perfromance artist, Sun Yuan.

( Website for artist Xue Jiye's paintings, prints, and sculpture.    

( Weidong's most recent works here....



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