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On Stories: Introducing this Issue on Contemporary Art in Hong Kong
by Alice Ming Wai Jim & Norman Jackson Ford
- - - - - - -
Feature Articles
'Intact' Sources: Photography in Hong Kong
by Norman Jackson Ford
On the Development of Installation Art in Hong Kong
by Siu King-chung
Performance As the Expansion of Visual Art
by Anthony Leung Po Shan
Screen Structures: Relating to Hong Kong Media Art
by Alice Ming Wai Jim

The Paucity of Hong Kong Art Criticism, or "Is Hong Kong Art Criticism the True Underground?"
by Jaspar Lau Kin-wah


Questioning "Hybridity" in the Art of Hong Kong Now
by Joan Kee

The Art Potential of An Active City
by Zhang Zhaohui

Critique on Alternative Spaces in the Pearl River Delta
by Andrew Hon-kin Lam

Back Issues 2002 (Volume 5)

Issue 1 Edited by susan pui san lok on British-Chinese Art

Back Issues 2001 (Volume 4)

Issue 5 Edited by Chen Jin
Performance Art

Issue 5 Edited by Zhang Zhaohui
New Urbanism

Issue 3 Edited by Britta Erickson
Mundane and Horrific Art

Issue 2 Edited by Wang Nanming
Criticism of Current Trends

Issue 1 Edited by Wu Meichun
China's New Media Art

Back Issues 2000 (Volume 3)

Issue 6 Edited by Zhu Qi
Shanghai Biennale

Issue 5 Edited by Wu Hung
Experimental Exhibitions

Issue 4
Edited by Britta Erickson
Cultural Revolution

Issue 3 by Yin Shuangxi
Contemporary Sculpture

Issue 2 by Huang Du

Issue 1 by Wang Lin
Conceptual Art

Back Issues 99 (Volume 2)

Issue 6 Edited by Hou Hanru
Beyond the Chinese

Issue 5 Pi Daojian/Pi Li
Ink and Wash Political Art

Issue 4
Edited by Francesca Dal Lago Venice Biennale '99

Issue 3 Edited by Zhu Qi
Cultural Issues

Issue 2 by Li Xianting
Art since the mid 90s

Issue 1 Edited by Ai Weiwei
Views on the CCAA

Back Issues 98

Issue 5 Edited by Leng Lin
Nine Chinese Artists

Issue 4 Edited by Yang Xiaoyan
Art in Guangzhou

Issue 3 Edited by Yi Ying
'Bad Painting'

Issue 2
Edited by Liao Wen
Feminist Values and Art

Issue 1 Edited by Leng Lin
The China Dream

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The following books and exhibition catalogues are available from timezone 8 books.

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Zheng Guogu: Cross Back and Forth Quickly
Date: May 2003
Language: English and Chinese

Images: 300+
Pages: 384
Dimensions: 27 x 20 cm
Retail Price: $ 35.00

The blur of visual materials literally bleeding off each magazine-weight page are meant to be dis-orienting, as are the myriad excerpts, quotes, essays, transcripts of phone discussions, interviews and blurbs that intervene in the experience, fade into the page or jump out at the reader in every imaginable font, weight and color. This artist book succeeds in deconstructing the book, makes a linear reading impossible, and yet remains thoroughly enjoyable as it conveys the reader into the Pearl River Delta world of Zheng Guogu.


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Yang Yong
Date: June 2002
Language: English and Chinese

Color Images: 120+
Pages: 140
Dimensions: 26 x 21cm
Retail Price: $ 25.00

This book is the first monograph of photographer, Yang Yong, odds-on favorite to win one of the top prizes at this year's Arles Photo Festival. The stellar list of authors who have chosen to write on his works is testament to the importance of his work and this book . . . .



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Chinese Maximalism
Date: March, 2003

Book Language: English and Chinese
50+illus., 124 pages
Dimensions: 28 x 21
Price: US$ 15.00

This exhibition catalog, accompanying the recent large-scale exhibition at the China Millennium Monument Art Museum (Beijing), provides a survey of contemporary 'abstract art' in China, an ambitious undertaking by the renowned curator and critic Gao Minglu (University of Buffalo). Gao deconstructs terms like 'abstract' and 'realistic" in his introductory essay in which he writes: "In China there exist paintings, installations, photographic works that appeal to Chinese sensibilities and conceptions, and which contain elements that might be labeled 'abstract. But their abstraction is different from abstraction in the Western sense.'"


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The Chinese: Liu Zheng Photos
Date: 2000
Language: English and Chinese
30+30 images
Dimensions: 28.5 x 28.5
Price: US$ 20.00

This box of 30 printed photos is from an epic seven-year photography project entitled 'The Chinese' recently completed by Beijing-based photographer Liu Zheng. His square-format portraits sometimes project a dark vision of mainland Chinese people today, focusing on religion and rural folk customs, the dead, the aged, the injured, and the dying; handicapped people, urban and rural poor, factory and industrial workers, nudes, sex and the sex industry; prisoners; man-made landscapes, and historical tableaux.

Liu Zheng's works have been selected for exhibition at the Venice Biennale and the Arles Photo Festival both in 2003. Outside of a few comments on the box by prominent art and photo critics, there is not accompanying texts. But, then the photos speak for themselves.


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Paris - Pekin
Date:October, 2002
Language: French/English/Chinese
200+ Illus., 288 pages
Dimensions: 28 X 24.5
Price: US$ 60.00

This tri-lingual (French, English, Chinese) softcover catalog was published by Chinese Century in association with the blockbuster exhibition of the collection of Miriam and Guy Ullens at the Espace Cardin. With texts by the curator, Chang Tsong-zung and assistant curator, Jean Marc Decrop, and contributions by Fei Dawei, Henri Francois Debailleux, the catalog is yet another must buy. Over 150 color images are accompanied by texts from various sources, expertly edited by Claire Hsu, Asian Art Archives and Susan Acret, former Art Asia Pacific Editor.


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China: Contemporary Art
Date: July, 2002
Language: French/English/Portuguese
200+ Illus., 275 pages
Dimensions: 32.5 X 24.5
Price: US$ 60.00

This beautifully produced, large-format, hardback catalog was published in association with the exhibition by the same title held in Museo de Arte Brasileira, Sao Paulo, Brasil. Essays by curator, Jean Marc Decrop and contributors Britta Erickson, Karen Smith and Zhang Li contextualize the broad and varied selection of artists and artworks that participated in the show. A Must buy for those interested in the latest developments in Chinese contemporary art.


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Wang Guangyi
Date: August, 2002
Language: Chinese & English
112 Illus., 202 pages
Dimensions: 28.5 X 24.5
Price: US$ 36.00

This large format, bilingual book looks at one of the giants of Chinese contemporary art, Wang Guangyi. Over 200 pages of texts and images form a rich tapestry of imagery, ideas and ideology, the elements of the artist and his art as they have developed over the last 17 years.


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On the Mid-Ground Hou Hanru
Date: March, 2002
Language: English
300+ b&w Illus., 60+ color illus., 290 pages
Dimensions: 21 X 16
Price: US$ 26.00

Hou Hanru is undoubtedly one of the most dynamic and innovative curators and critics on the contemporary art scene today. This excellent selection, edited by the critic and writer Yu Hsiao-Hwei, brings together for the first time some of Hou Hanru's most important texts that address questions of globalisation, identity and contemporary art practice beyond geographical and regional boundaries.

--Gilane Tawadros, Director, Institute of International Visual Arts (inIVA)


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Fuck Off (buhezuo fangshi)
Date: November, 2000
Language: Chinese & English
191 Illus., 198 pages
Dimensions: 21.1 X 24.9 X 1.6
Price: US$ 49.50

Published by Ai Weiwei (Grey Cover Book, etc.), this "satellite" exhibition catalog is as provocative as it is well-documented and professionally printed. If you thought the exhibition was shocking, wait till you see the participating artists' other works. Say what you will about the meat and bodies, this is the most comprehensive document to date of these young experimental artists and their work.


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Chinese Art at the Crossroads: Between Past and Future, Between East and West
Date: November, 2001
Language: English
200 Illus., 337 pages
Dimensions: 22.9 x 15.5
Price: US$ 29.95

Chinese Art at the Crossroads is the second book in a series on Contemporary Chinese Art. This book is an edited compilation of the essays which appeared on the site '' during the year 2000. Edited by Professor Wu Hung, University of Chicago, Crossroads is a valuable resource for those working as an art professional, art academic or for any one generally interested in understanding more about the changes occurring in Chinese art today.


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Chinese Art at the End of the Millennium
Date: November, 2000
Language: English
104 Illus., 262 pages
Dimensions: 15.5 x 22.9 x 1.6
Price: US$ 28.00

Comprised of over 40 articles, essays and texts from, this book is for those who prefer the printed page or may not have the time to read articles on the web. Edited by John Clark, it is the first of its kind every published on the subject of Chinese contemporary art.


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Fang Lijun
Date: 2001
Language: Chinese/English
75+ Illus., 214 pages
Dimensions: 35 X 28.5
Price: US$ 49

Fang Lijun is one of the most important representatives of post '89 New Wave art in China. Presented here is a publication featuring large vibrant images of the artists paintings and woodcuts documenting the artist career to date. Introductory essays by Li Xianting, Pi Li, Shu Kewen are also featured.


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Existence in Translation: Cang Xin
Date: May, 2002
Language: Chinese/English
200+ Illus., 200 pages
Dimensions: 20 X 15
Price: US$ 9.00

Existence in Translation is the monograph covering the work of Chinese performance artist Cang Xin over the last 10 years, from his 'Trampling Faces' series, to his most recent 'Communication' series, which was recently exhibited at the Sydney Bienale to his most recent critically acclaimed 'Identity Exchange' series.


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Zhang Dali
Introduction: Mathieu Borysevicz
Published by: The Courtyard Gallery
Date: 1999
Language: Chinese & English

173 Illus.
155 pages

Dimensions: 30.0 X 25.0 X 1.5
Price: US$ 35.00

The most comprehensive book every assembled on this prolific and important graffitist/artist. Many of the artist's graffiti works in the book have been razed along with the old buildings they enclose to make room for new real estate developments. Mathieu Borysevicz provides eloquent comment on the significance of this artist and his works. Highly recommended.


To see more books on Chinese art, visit


Zhang Xiaotao
The gift from heaven No.2
210x400 cm
Oil on canvas

Materialistic Decay
by Manfred Schneckenburger

Can a young Chinese artist be anchored equally in two areas at the same time?
For one in the tradition of China, on the other hand in the currents of the West? This temptation may be detected not only in regard with Zhang Xiao Tao - although he is not at all situated between two chairs. His art has its own place that cannot be defined alone by his background nor the various influences or by the relations between these two.


Previous artists ........



Landscape of Memory: The Art of Mu Xin

Date: June 10 - Sep 7, 2003
Venue: Asia Society, New York
Curator: Alexandra Munroe and Wu Hung

Mu Xin
Spring Brilliance at Kuaiji, 1977-78
7 x 13 in.
Gouache and Chinese ink on paper
Image Courtesy of The Rosenkranz Foundation


Chinese Maximalism

Date: March 15-30, 2003
Venue: Millennium Art Museum
Curator: Gao Minglu
Assistant Curator: Bingyi
Curatorial associates: Wang Mingxian, Chaos Y. Chen, Wu Hong

Date: December 5, 2003 - February 1, 2004
Venue: UB Anderson Gallery, Buffalo, New York

Cao Kai
'The summer of 1969'

Still from Video


Smoke and Mirrors
2002 Taipei Biennial Great Theatre of the World

Date: November 29, 2002-March 2, 2003
Venue: Taipei Art Museum
Curators: Chia Chi Jason Wang and Bartomeu Mari

Wang Ya-hui
'The Crack'
Video Installation
300 x 400 cm




Landscape of Memory: The Art of Mu Xin at the Asia Society, New York, June 10 - September 7, 2003

Venice Biennale "Dreams and Conflicts; The Dictatorship of the Viewer," June 15 - November 3, 2003

'Alors, Le Chine?' Pompidou Centre Museum, Paris to Hold Major Exhibit of Chinese Contemporary Art, June 25 - October 13, 2003

Wenda Gu Solo Exhibition at Artspace, Art Institute of Kansas City, June 7 - September 6, 2003

'Science Fictions' at Earl Lu Gallery, Singapore, June 5 - July 27, 2003

Rencontres d'Arles 2003 Photography Festival (Including works by Yang Yong, Xing Danwen, Hai Bo, Hong Hao, Ma Liuming, Lin Tianmiao and Wang Gongxin, Liu Zheng, Shao Yinong and Mu Chen, Song Chao, Lu Xianyi, Chen Lingyang, Hong Lei, Gao Bo, Hou bo and Xu Xiaobing) July 4 - September 13, 2003


Gallery Exhibitions:

'UFO: Qiu Zhijie's Recent Video, Photography and Calligraphy' at Galerie Loft, Paris, May 4 - July 4, 2003

Ding Yi Appearance of Crosses at Galerie Urs Meile, Luzern, June 5 - July 5, 2003

'Hong Lei' at Chambers Fine Art, New York July, 2003

Solo exhibition 'New Oil Paintings by Guo Jin' at Chinese Contemporary Art Gallery, London, from June 18 to July 19, 2003