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Editorial Note
Beyond the Chinese
by Hou Hanru
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
2000 as the Theme
by Hou Hanru
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Post '89 Essay

Dialogue between Hou Hanru and Architect Chang Yung Ho

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Hans Ulrich Obrist Interviews Heri Dono in Helsinki, 1999

- - - - - - - - - -
- - - -
"Asian" Identity
The Trouble With "New Asia"
by Lee Weng Choy
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
New Asian Architects
Beyond Critical Regionalism
by KokMeng Tan
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Strategies For New Media Culture
by Geert Lovink
- - - - - - - - - -
- - - -

Project Collaboration

Difference Without Separation
-A Travelling Talk Between Chen Zhen and Ken Lum, 2000

- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

The Premier Collection of Belgium's Modern Chinese Art Foundation
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -

by Stephanie Tasch

Wei Dong at Jack Tilton
by Jonathan Goodman

China: Fifty Years Inside the People's Republic at the Asia Society (October 8, 1999-January 2, 2000)
by Jonathan Goodman
- - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Chang Chun
Sichuan (03/09/00)
Hong Kong
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Media Kit

The following exhibition catalogues are available in limited quantities only from's on-line bookstore (

To order a copy of these important catalogs now, click on any of the pictures below to hyperlink directly to newly designed bookstore, where you can now buy our books online via our secure server.

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A Selection of Shanghai Art Museum's collection
Curator / Editor: Gan Shuhai
Published by: Shanghai Art Museum
Date: 1999
Language: Chinese & English
80 Illus.
110 pages

Dimensions: 33.5 X 26.0 X 1.5

A Selection of Shanghai Art Museum's collection
Curator / Editor: Gan Shuhai
Published by: Shanghai Art Museum
Date: 1999
Language: Chinese & English
115 Illus.
136 pages

Dimensions: 33.5 X 26.0 X 1.5

Zhang Dali
Curator / Editor: Mathieu Borysevicz
Published by: The Courtyard Gallery
Date: 1999
Language: Chinese & English
173 Illus.
155 pages

Dimensions: 30.0 X 25.0 X 1.5
Price: 70.00

The most comprehensive book every assembled on this prolific and important graffitist/artist. Many of the artist's graffiti works in the book have been razed along with the old buildings they enclose to make room for new real estate developments. Mathieu Borysevicz provides eloguent comment on the significance of this artist and his works. Highly recommended.


Chen Wenji
Introduction: Feng Boyi, Pi Li
Published by: The Courtyard Gallery
Date: 1999
Language: Chinese & English
28 Illus.
63 pages

Dimensions: 24.5 x 21.5 x 1.0
Price: 25.00

With intros by Feng Boyi and Pi Li, this catalog provides a comprehensive and un-interrupted look at the artist's works of the last several years. Chen focuses on the skyline of the city in China, particularly its smokestacks and grey, polluted skies. At the same time, he pushes his paintings to the figurative limits of oil on canvas. Chen Wenji is a professor at the Central Academy of Fine Arts.

Cai Jin
Introduction: Francesca Dal Lago
Published by: The Courtyard Gallery
Date: 1999
Language: Chinese & English
30 Illus.
48 pages

Dimensions: 26.0 x 20.8 x 0.5
Price: 16.66

Cai Jin gives us blood-red banana plants on canvas, car seats, shoes, bathtubs and on the Courtyard Gallery floors. This book provides a look at the evolution of this important woman artist.


Gao Bo Photo Photographies
Editor: Gao Bo
Published by: Gao Bo
Date: 1999
Language: Chinese & French
42 b/w Illus.
Dimensions: 34.0 X 25.0 X 2.0
Price: US$100.00

The catalog is almost as impressive as the poignant b/w photos of Tibet within. Ivory hooks lock the linen cover around a string binding of a collection of photos printed on non-glossy pages, giving the book its hand-made quality.


Jiangnan - Modern and Contemporary Art from South of the Yangzi River
Editor: Hank Bull
Date: 1998
Language: Chinese & English
70+ color Illus.
87 pages

Dimensions: 31.5x22.7x0.8cm
Price: US$35.00 (Special Order only) Click here to order by email.

This catalog for the Jiangnan project in Vancouver includes artwork images, bios and short write-ups on some of the biggest names in Chinese art today: Xu Bing, Huang Yongping, Zhou Tiehai, Geng Jianyi, Ding Yi, Shen Fan, Shi Hui, Chen Haiyan, Chen Zhen, Ken Lum, Chan Yanyin, Hu Jieming, Shi Yong, Yang Zhenzhong, Gu Wenda, Lin Yan and many others. Click here to place special order.

Black Cover Book
Curator / Editor: Ceng Xiaojun, Ai Weiwei, Xu Bing
Date: 1997
Language: Chinese
70+ b/w Illus.
158 pages

Dimensions: 26.4x21x1cm
Price: US$27.50

The first of the seminal series of Red Flag books on China's avant-garde, the 1994 Black Cover compilation includes an interview with Hsieh Tehching, plus Studio and Artworks sections. This issue's Studio section includes a recent work and notes by featured artists, including: Ma Liuming, Wang Gongxin, Ai Weiwei, Zhu Fadong, Song Dong, Xu bing, zhang Huan, Geng Jianyi, Huang yongping, Lin Yilin, Xu Tan, Liang Juhui, Ah Xian, Huang Yan, Liang Shaoji. It also contains early news report on East Village. Limited quantities remaining.

White Cover Book
Curator / Editor:Ceng Xiaojun, Ai Weiwei, Zhuan Hui
Date: 1997
Language: Chinese
60+ b/w Illus.
157 pages

Dimensions: 26.4x21x1cm
Price: US$27.50

Red Flag Books 1995 White Cover compilation includes an interview with Ai Weiwei, plus Studio and artworks sections. The Studio section includes a recent work and notes by featured artists, including: Ding Yi, Ma Liuming, Wang Jin, Yin Xiuzhen, Qiu Zhijie, Zhang Huan, Wang Jianwei, Chen Shaoxiong, Song Dong, Qian Weikang, Zhang Peili, Zhuang Hui, plus representative artworks by 32 other artists active in 1995. Limited quantities remaining.

Grey Cover Book
Curator / Editor:Ceng Xiaojun, Ai Weiwei, Zhuan Hui
Language: Chinese
70+ b/w Illus.
157 pages

Dimensions: 26.4x21x1cm
Price: US$27.50

The Gray Cover compilation published in 1997 was the third and final volume of the Red Flag publications. It contained interviews with Zheng Guogu, Zhu Fadong, Hong Hao, Xu Yihui, Ai Weiwei and Yan Lei. The studio section includes an artwork and notes by the following artists: Wang Jingsong, Ma Yunfei, Yin Xiuzhen, Ai Weiwei, Zhang Lei, Rong Rong, Hong Hao, Zhao Bandi, Lin Tianmiao, Shi Yong, Xu Ruotao, Zhan Wang, Lu Qing, Yan Lei, Zhu MinLiu Xinhua, Liu Jianhua and others. Limited quantities remaining.

Its Me
Curator / Editor:Leng Lin
Time:Februrary 2000
Language: Chinese
100+ b/w Illus.
315 pages

Price: US$10.00

The title of this newly published book is that of an exhibition curated by Leng Lin in 1998. Literally meaning, "Its Me!", the book is a compendium of articles on the state of the avant-garde in China, including interviews with individual artists such as Wang Jin, Zhang Huan, Zhang Dali, Yue Minjun, and monographs of Zhao Bandi, Yang Shaobin and Fang Lijun and lots more. Though the exhibition never opened, its spirit lives in these pages. Highly recommended.


The Traditional Visual Image
Curator / Editor:Gu Zhenqing
Date: November 1999
Venue: Shanghai University, Art Institute Salon
Language: Chinese & English
44 pages: 40+ color illus.
Price: US$20.00

This exhibition catalog features conceptual photography works of Cang Xin, Jin Feng, Huang Yan and Wang Jingsong. Beautfully printed edition of new works by these important conceptual artists. Highly recommended.

Urban Personality and Contemporary Art
(du shi ren ge yu dang dai yi shu)

Curator: Lin Zi
Language: Chinese and English
496 pages

Price: US$49.00

Critic Wang Lin has put together a compendium of bios and artworks of over one hundred artists that fit the above book title description.



Ouh La La Kitsch
(kua shiji chaihong-yanshu yishu)

Curators: Liao Wen and Li Xianting Paperback
Language: English And Chinese

110 pages:110 color illus.

This exhibition catalog is a summation of Liao Wen and Li Xianting's work on the Kitsch phenomena in China.


china new art.jpg

(zhong guo xin rui yi shu)

Edited by: zhang Nianchao
Language: English And Chinese
191 pages:29 color plates, 62 black/white plates
Price: US$16.00

A record of the works of 23 important Avant-garde artists in China, many of whom never before published in China, Appendix contains 1979-89 short history of Avant-garde art.


Talking is the Road
Author: Xu Xiaoyu
Language: Chinese
Dimensions(cm): 20x15x1.5cm

This book contains interviews with top artists: Ding Yi, Hong Hao, Wang XingWei, Zhang Huan, Zhang Hai'er, Xu Tan, Zhao Bandi, Wei Dong and others.


Chinese Type Contemporary Art
(volume2, issue6)
Edited by Hou Hanru
Bound Printed Copy 109 pgs.

Internationally renowned curator and critic, Hou Hanru, looks "Beyond the Chinese" with articles by leading writers and critics from around the world. Mr Hou will be one of curators for this years Shanghai Biennial.

(volume2, issue5)
Edited by Pi Li & Pi Daojian
Bound Printed Copy 57 pgs.

The father and son critics, Pi Daojian and Pi Li, make Ink on Paper and identity politics the subject of this issue.

(volume2, issue4)
Edited by Francesca Dal Lgo
Bound Printed Copy 65 pgs.

Francesca Dal Lago provides in-depth and comprehensive coverage and critique of this year's Venice Biennale.

(volume2, issue3)
Edited by Zhu Qi
Bound Printed Copy 65 pgs.
358 color images


Zhu Qi asks the question: Do Westerners Really Understand Contemporary Chinese Art? And, provides a perspective, which right or wrong, challenges art world logocentrism.

(volume2, issue2)
Edited by Li Xianting
Bound Printed Copy 59 pgs.
312 color images


Leading art critic, Li Xianting provides comprehensive overview of events and artworks shaping art history over the last decade. Great short history.

(volume1, issue6)
Edited by Ai Weiwei
Bound Printed Copy 50 pgs.
262 color images


Ai Weiwei's thirteen years in New York and position as juror for Chinese Contemporary Art Award make for an in-depth look at newly emergin artists that dare to be different.

(volume1, issue5)
Edited by Leng Lin
Bound Printed Copy 50 pgs.

123 color images


(volume1, issue4)
Edited by Yin Jinan
Bound Printed Copy 43 pgs.

112 color images


(volume1, issue3)
Edited by Yi Ying
Bound Printed Copy 43 pgs.
112 color images


(volume1, issue 1&2)
Edited by Leng Lin (Issue 1)
Edited by Liao Wen (Issue 2)

39 pgs.
140 color images


To see more books available at, click here.


Wang Jianwei

In his 1993 work, Cycle, (Xunhuan), Wang Jianwei spent a year planting wheat with peasants. At the end of the year, they split the grain and Wang put the grain in his house, occasionally using it for exhibitions. People complained to him that they couldn't see the artwork. "I think if the wheat had come out green people would have said, 'Oh this is a great work', but when you plant wheat, it still just comes out like wheat. This just demonstrates how we see art. We always use our eyes to go look at things. The problem is - what supports your eyes to see this?"continued.......

Previous artists ........
Cang Xin
Rong Rong
Ma Liuming
Zhu Ming
Qiu Zhijie
Zhang Huan


Media Kit
Media Kit

Wang Yuping's Fishes will be showing at Red Gate Gallery until April 12th. For more information, click here.

A Group Exhibition, titled "Women as Subject" will be showing at the Courtyard Gallery,
Beijing, from February 25 to April 5. For more
information, click here.

Ye Yongqing is at
Chinese Contemporary,
, March 1st - April 1st. For more information, click here.

Wang Jin is selected Artist of the Month at China Avant-Garde, New York. For more information, click here.

Meng Huang will be
showing at the China Art
Archives and Warehouse, Beijing
, January 8 to
March 25. For more
information, click here.

Sun Liang is just one
of the artists showing
at A&Y Studio. For more
information, click here.

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Chinese Art News
Chinese Art News



The 80's

The following is a chapter from Eduardo Welsh's unpublished Doctoral Dissertation titled Negotiating Culture: The Discourse of Art and the Position of the Artist in 1980s China. is proud to have the opportunity to present select chapters from Mr Welsh's dissertation in a monthly serial form.

Chapter 5

The Jiang-Zhe Area


The provinces of Zhejiang and Jiangsu have long been important cultural centres of China. These areas have been a stronghold of "literati" culture. Nanjing was a prominent cultural centre since the Eastern Jin period (316-420) and Hangzhou became the capital of the Southern Song dynasty. Hereafter, although the capital was to move north again, this area has remained a strong cultural and intellectual area whose painting has dominated the history of Chinese art up until the present. The educated scholar elite from these provinces always had a strong representation in government and when excluded from government posts many took solace in painting. This area continued to play an important part in the Twentieth Century. The seat of the Guomindang government was in Nanjing. Nearby Shanghai was a hive of intellectual ferment and communist ideas. The first meetings of the CCP were held in Shanghai and a nearby city called Jiaxing. It was also in Shanghai that Lu Xun held his woodcut printing workshops in the thirties. In terms of art, these areas continued to have strong influence and were home to some of the most important art institutions in China: The Zhejiang Academy of Art (ZAFA) (now renamed the National Academy of Art) and the Nanjing Academy of Art. continued.......

see Chapter 4.4

New Directions, New Problems



Cai Guoqiang
Dragon Sight Sees Vienna -
Project for Extraterrestrials No.32
Feuerline uber dem Areal
des Museunsquartiers

Photo: Fritz Simak

This is a show about the ephemeral and how to exhibit it. Cai Guo-Qiang's first European solo show, has found an appropriate space at the provisional site of the Kunsthalle Wien. For many visitors, Vienna is the epitome of stability. A town where nothing much seems to have changed, where the architecture of the historical centre speaks of 600 years of Habsburg rule, the power of the Catholic church and the patronage of the court nobility. And yet, when Cai Guo-Qiang conceived the exhibition as an event to mark not only the beginning of the new millenium but also the major change in Vienna's cultural landscape that will take place with the opening of the new Museumsquartier currently under construction, very few would have predicted that almost 30% of the Austrian electorate would decide for a much more decisive change. The Y2K scare has gone up in smoke, as it were, but after the general elections, with a conservative-far right coalition in power, it remains to be seen if the "change of eras" foreseen by Cai does not imply an era of repression for avant-garde art in Austria. continued.......



See artists' portfolios . . .

Rong Rong
Zhan Wang
Zhang Lei
Li Wei & Li Bing
Li Dapeng


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