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Three Thousand Years of Chinese Painting

Richard M. Barnhart, ed.

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Arts of China
Michael Sullivan

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Pictures and Visuality in Early Modern China

Craig Clunas

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The Three Perfections: Chinese Painting, Poetry, and Calligraphy
Michael Sullivan

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When Silk Was Gold: Central Asian and Chinese Textiles

Anne E. Wardwell

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Yin Jinan

China Central Institute of Fine Arts



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From Inherited Tradition A Dazzling Revelation: A Report on the Statues Recently Excavated from a Storage Pit at the Longxing Temple, Qingzhou
by Lang Tianyong

On the State of the Field
Summary of Recent Research in Buddhist Art
by Zhang Zong

Excavation & Exhibition
Returned to Light: Buddhist Statuary from Longxing Temple, Qingzhou
by Bruce Doar

Exhibition Announcement
"Returned to Light: Masterpieces of Buddhist Statuary from Qingzhou City"
by Zhang Jinhua

Where Is The Road? The Development of Chinese Museums in a Market Economy
by Yin Tongyun

Select Bibliography on the Qingzhou Excavation

Passing through Space and Time, Re-Viewing the Brilliant Past: Observations on the "Exhibition of Cultural Artifacts from the Xinjiang Silk Road"
by Gong Guoqiang

Exhibition Announcement
"Special Exhibition of Buildings and Pavilions in Paintings" at the Palace Museum, Beijing
by Fu Dongguang

Exhibition Announcement
"Calligraphy and Painting by the Eight Masters of Yangzhou"
by Liu Yurui

Three Kingdoms Bamboo Manuscripts at Zoumalou, Changsha, Hunan
by He Junhong

Exquisitely Painted Figurines from Qin Figurine Pit #2
by He Junhong

Nixi Cura

Volume 2, Issue 1 (January 2000)

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